Are you a technology leader: a CEO, CTO, or manager of a technology company or team? 

Have you ever wanted to bounce ideas off of other technology leaders about the people side of tech? Have questions about management, leadership, prioritization, OKRs, team organization, scrum vs. kanban vs. whatever? 

Or are you a leader who wants to help someone with some or all of the above?
My name is Matt Rogish ( and I've been a CTO, manager, or founder for almost 10 years. I've long wondered why, in the technology community, we don't have better access to individual mentors, 1:1, to help resolve the people challenges we encounter on a daily basis.

Enter your email address, a brief bio, and your interest in receiving mentorship or being a mentor, and I'll organize 1:1s with you and other leaders. There's no fee to participate.
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